I’m Cate,


Are you overwhelmed? Stretched thin? Under-appreciated? All the feelings that are now synonymous with Motherhood??

I’m obsessed with changing the current conversation around motherhood and empowering women who are ready to bring the joy back into parenting, ready to bring peace back into their homes, and ready to bring passion back into their lives.


Because being a perfect mother is impossible.

Not that it is too hard, but absolutely impossible with what our culture expects… a version of Superwoman + Princess Diana + Joanna Gaines + Brene Brown. And even if she existed, she’d be hated for being too much.

You know what is possible? Being the perfect you. Let’s unveil her.


does this serve you?

I get it! I was exhausted, lonely, disconnected, full of mom-guilt for all things I did and all things I didn’t do. Until I brought myself through some simple steps that changed everything.

I’m here to show you those steps.

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