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I'm Cate, an Essential Oil Educator, Biz Mentor and the founder of KINDRED / A Wellness Community

If you're looking to uplevel and add intention to your wellness lifestyle (physical health, emotional health, financial health), you're in the right place!


Essential Oils 101

What Are Essential Oils?

They are aromatic compounds from plants (flowers, roots, bark, leaves, rind, etc.) Though they're easy to use, they're chemically complex, which is why you can use a single oil for so many different purposes.

Why Are People Turning To Natural Solutions?

No more synthetics. Non-toxic living. Bye bye yucky side-effects. Hello relief, hello support, hello comfort, hello convenience. Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, I like to think of it as we're going back to the essentials. Light bulb moment for me: It only makes sense that nature has what we need to help our bodies heal themselves and come back into balance.

Which Oils Should I Use?

Like home grown tomatoes, Italian leather, or a good bottle of wine, not all oils are created equally. You can find oils anywhere now... Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy (not just your local health foods store anymore.) When I talk about the healing properties of essential oils, I'm referring to the most tested, most pure, most potent oils out there. If you're like me, and want to eliminate toxins and synthetics from your lifestyle, want to use oils on or around your loved ones, I can only recommend with confidence using doterra essential oils.

My Personal Philosophy:

I believe essential oils are a tool to connect you to your whole self. Essential oils can support your health and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. These pure and powerful gifts of the earth are a catalyst to you feeling your best, and thriving. 

But How Do I Use Them?

Want a quick tutorial? Click here!

KINDRED / wellness community

Every day I am so grateful for the individuals that make this a community. From the people who use oils, those that commit to removing toxins and changing their lifestyle, to the team of leaders who call this their job, show up to educate and serve and help make all of this possible.

So much gratitude for all of you already a part of our tribe, and for those of you that want to join us with your journey.

Benefits of being a dōTERRA Wholesale Customer:

1. Premium access to an online community for questions and support 24/7.
2. 25% discount off all products, no minimums or required purchases! 
3. Earn up to 30% on all your orders back in FREE products every time you order. 
4. Free bottle of Peppermint with annual renewal—renewal is optional
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7. Direct access to mentorship and tools, tons of education, recipes and support to help you learn and grow. 
8. Cost only $35 or FREE with any Enrollment Kit

Enrolling with doTERRA

Here's the fun part! Super easy: fill in your information and select your kit (view kit options)!

Your life is about to change and I'm so excited for you! 

For extra support: step by step ordering instructions



Cate has been instrumental in my education, growth, and use of essential oils and basic immune health. Her free classes are very informative and helped me identify multiple ways to better my health and the health of my family immediately. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is curious about living an intentionally healthy life whether mentally, emotionally, or physically.
— Jenna Wadsworth, Wellness Advocate & Mother
Cate is an amazing teacher, mentor, and has a powerhouse of knowledge. She truly cares about educating others on healthcare and essential oils. Cate is always willing to listen and answer questions and is a key role in my oil journey.
— Cortney Benvenuto, Illustrator & Mother
She goes above and beyond to make sure all my questions, concerns and needs have been met. Always a positive experience when connecting with her. I highly recommend working with Cate!!!
— Tanya Muilenburg, AP Specialist

work with me

Hey KINDRED community, WE'RE GROWING!!!

I'm honored for your support and partnership and excited that we get to harness this momentum and change more lives. If you're looking for a work from home job, with flexibility, opportunity for significant growth, you're in the right place. Check back here for current availability:


Biz Partner - 3 Available

I'm super excited to be growing my team! And connecting with like minded individuals. Currently I have openings for 3 positions within my team, to build residual income through a doterra essential oil business, to do what I do (not LIKE I do, you do you, that's where the magic is.)

I built my doterra organization to Diamond, still growing, and will teach you to do the same! These positions will work directly with me, will get the support of our community at large, will be qualifying positions within my organization, which means you get direct mentoring and a roadmap to your success.

Think this is for you? I'm not looking for someone who wants management, but someone that wants a partnership!

  • A Co-Collaborator

  • Natural Leader

  • Growth Mindset

  • Thrives off Helping Others

  • Can Hit Goals at a High Level

  • Desire for Residual Income Stream

  • Interested in Natural Solutions/Non-tox life

  • On their own Journey of Health + Wellness

  • Wants to Create and Cultivate a Community

  • Give 10-20 hours/week to Build a Business

  • No sales background needed - I can teach you the skills, if you have the drive

  • Must not be working with another Wellness Advocate already


Community + Connections Coordinator - Currently Filled

This specific position is for a qualified individual to work with me in a support role. Setting  appointments and connecting with businesses and professionals.

  • Part-time, 10-20 hours/week

  • Work from home

  • Starting at $15/hr + bonuses

This would begin with a trial period to see if it's a good fit for both of us. Potential to take on more admin roles down the road (if interested in more hours.) 


  • Strong + Proven Communication Skills

  • Enjoys Connecting and Talking to People

  • Experience Booking Appointments

  • Goal Oriented

  • Preferred: Sales/Marketing Experience

  • Preferred: Knowledge of Essential Oils/Natural Health


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KINDRED motherhood | A community of women rejecting our current culture or pressure to be the perfect mother, saying yes to showing up for ourselves fully, and letting motherhood flow from the abundance of self care, self love, and self worth. We nourish our heart, our body, and our home and reconnect to the sacredness of motherhood.

Can’t wait?! Get support + tools now by connecting with Cate NOW