There I was a new mom.

And all the cliches became true. I was instantly changed, instantly in love more than I thought possible, instantly exhausted…

and what came with it were a number of other adjustments that felt like suffering. my relationships were disconnected and subpar, I felt lonely. I wanted more support from my baby daddy, and I felt resentful. I was in a body that didn’t feel like my own, i was no longer myself. and it just kept going on, well past “the newborn phase.” until I decided that enough was enough. i don’t want to be a martyr in this sacred relationship of raising children. I don’t want to feel so awful at 20-something. I don’t want to feel stuck in my thoughts/feelings/behaviors of not enough-ness.

I want to feel at peace with my partner and friends, I want to feel joy with my children, I want to feel vibrant in my life, and be passionate about my dreams.

And this was when I got serious about “self-care.” It wasn’t yet a buzz word I knew, and it was more than the bubble bath you see crossing your instagram feeds, it was the letting go of what no longer served me (identities, stories, feelings), and stepping into me, nourishing who I always wanted to be.

and then, it was too good to keep to myself.

because it’s simple. with a little support, a toolbox, and a road map anyone can find their way back home - home to their soul. and that’s what i’m here to do: to end the era of motherhood as a martyr, and welcome in the revolution of women already at home within.


cate clifford

Born, Raised, and Living life in the PNW.

Travel addict, watermelon connoisseur, growth seeker, light bearer, mother of two, essential oil lover, creator of an online wellness community of thousands: KINDRED wellness, coaching women to build their own wellness empire, & now birthing KINDRED motherhood.

My hope is to leave everything a little more magical than how I found it.