my name is catherine harrington clifford, these days most of my friends call me cate. i am a native portlander, new-ish mom, wellness advocate, event and wardrobe stylist, treasure hunter, just trying to celebrate anything and everything.

what i want most is freedom. i want to live a life that i've designed out of my deepest desires. i want wild success and want to feel alive. (& i want that for you too.) i am on a mission to be my best self, whoever that is, and to love that self deeply. i am on a mission to share that freedom: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, & financial. with health + wellness in all those things comes the freedom for you to be your best you. i have designed my services to help others reach their fullest potential. please reach out if any of that resonates with you, we're better together.

thank you for visiting my virtual playroom. 


with my daughter 03/14 in palm springs, ca

if you're interested in working together, or finding out more about my servicescontact me.