| mommy + me monday: jenna |

i have had these photos in my possession for a little bit of time now, and i have been dying over them! first of all the colors, oh the colors!!! if you've been following along you know i was hesitant to accept fall coming this year, but these swayed me in a single second. bring me more fall :) forever and always. secondly, oh my gosh, jenna and beckham. jenna is a dear friend of mine, and local graphic designer of jenna wadsworth design. jenna is stunning (as always), complimented by her handsome fellow beck. i am so excited to show off these pictures. and of course a big thank you to the talented a. r. elliott photography for capturing them beautifully. and if i've said it once (i've probably said it a thousand times) these might be my favorite so far... enjoy!

what surprised you most about being a mom?

I think there were a lot of surprises so it's hard to choose just one. Perhaps the biggest surprise was how inadequate I felt. I tend to think that if I just work hard I can succeed at almost anything so I was surprised when I felt like I was working hard trying to make him happy and it wasn't paying off. I thought I knew quite a bit about parenting before I had him but I didn't feel that way after having him. I didn't expect to feel afraid or intimidated by someone who depended on me so heavily but I did. It was/is a journey in itself to accept that I am not the best parent in the world and that it's okay.

what is the hardest part of motherhood?

The hardest part of motherhood so far has been trying to get to know Beck as a person. Clearly he is too young to communicate verbally so I've had to heavily rely on my instincts and advice/stories from other moms when issues arise. He had silent reflux, which we still deal with, and a lot of food sensitivities and it was really difficult to figure him out! I've heard people talk about how "babies don't come with instruction manuals" and it's unfortunately very true. What might be true for one baby is not true for another so no one book or class can really prepare one for becoming a parent.

what has been your greatest joy so far?

My greatest joy is closely knit to the hardest part because I just love getting to know him! I love learning about what makes him laugh, what intrigues him and what he doesn't care for. I'm floored that I get to participate in his life and watch him grow and learn and that I have the privilege of holding a powerful role in that process. Now I know why people say being a parent is so rewarding!

what is your favorite style tip?

my favorite style tip is to treat your favorite clothes well. Weatherproof your boots every fall. Take your wool coat to the dry cleaners. Wash your swimsuits asap after swimming in chlorinated water so that it doesn't break down. My favorite clothing items are items I've had for [many] years and I'm not embarrassed to wear any of them because they look great!

mommy: bodycon midi dress (purchased from sweet jayne), open cardigan, boots | babe: onesie, sweatshirt, jeans, similar socks | tips: consignment stores! perhaps this one is more for me than for you. but this is my second guest mommy in a row to have purchased from sweet jayne's. i will be making a visit there soon :)

you can find jenna on instagram | website and shop coming soon

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