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i am very honored to introduce you to cheree, a portland mama and blogger (collector of hope, wonder and curiosity). cheree is a wife and stay-at-home mommy of three. today i get to show you her with her youngest, and their incredibly beautiful and infectious smiles.

What surprised you most about being a mom?

I went into motherhood expecting it to be both difficult and delightful - what surprised me was how acutely I experienced both sides of motherhood. When it’s hard, I learned...it’s really really really hard. And then on the other hand, the joy is intense too. You can laugh just remembering what the little rascals did during the day...like the kind of laughter that is so good it actually hurts a little. Side-ache and snort included.

What is the hardest part of motherhood?

Sick and tired days. Remember when sick days had an up-side? ...When your mommy would call off all your school plans, make you chicken noodle soup and rent you movies? Now I’m the only mommy on my sick-days...and usually have sick ones to take care of too.

The first couple of years of parenting I had way more sick and extra-tired days than healthy ones. After a handful of doctor’s visits, uncovering an allergy, and treating a vitamin deficiency -- I’m feeling so much better these days. Thank goodness for a God who answers prayer and provides thoughtful friends and a generous husband who helped pick up my slack (and several packs of Chipotle and Thai-food) during that time.

What has been your greatest joy so far?

Observing.  I adore watching and learning from my three little ones. I am so entertained by their quirks and the creative ways they play together. I study their body language, memorize their facial features and occasionally journal some of our conversation - just to delight in who they are and how they see the world. They make me laugh everyday and teach me something new or something deeper every week. It’s a beautiful, humbling...freeing experience.

what is your favorite style tip?

At the risk of sounding trite, I’ll say it: a sincere smile, confident posture, a gracious word and a generous deed. There are few things on earth more beautiful than a confident woman dressed in sincere acts of kindness.

cheree shares her thrifty ways | mommy: jeans found at  twice.com (a name-brand second hand online boutique), sweater was a traded christmas present with her sister last year. (she especially liked what she got me and I especially liked what my mom got her...so we made the swap.), crimson tank, earrings, scarf are all from target. | babe: jordans - hand-me-downs from cousins. jeans, vest, button-down all from target. | photos by a. r. elliott photography

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