| peaches and cream |

my first confession is that the word "peaches" always makes me think of that peaches and cream - 112 song i had no business listening to. my second confession is that i hate cooking. i don't detest it, but i'm not very good at it and it always takes more time than i like. but i enjoy really good food. (lucky for me, my husband is a wonderful cook.) i confess this so that you know if i ever include a recipe or anything food related, you know it's going to be easy, easy, easy. 

this is one of my go to treats when you need to bring a snack, appetizer, dessert, tapas style plate somewhere, where other people have to eat it, and you have to show your face. it speaks my food language: classy, but simple. i wish i had invented this, but i will credit marche in nashville for my first delicious experience (i've been there twice, they always have wonderful brunch and you usually see someone famous.)

the tartine:

1 baguette

3-ish peaches (or whatever fruit is fresh and in season)



directions: put it together (that easy!) if you need a little more explanation, once you've sliced the baguette, toast them a bit in the oven. while it's toasting, cut your peaches. once the bread it toasted to your liking, spread the mascarpone. and finish by drizzling a little honey over the top. 

tips: i've used dave's bread (and a toaster) when i have the other ingredients on hand, i don't normally have a baguette on hand; still delicious. i used to hate cutting peaches, until i figured out how to efficiently cut a peach (fast forward to 0:23; i wish there was a better video, but this is the only one i found that cut it this way, the easiest way to get the pit out). and i had to make sure i was using tartine correctly, if you want a fun, quick history lesson.

pretty photos by madeline photography | pretty location at amanda karam floral studio