| mommy + me monday |

there once was a time when monday was not my friend. monday usually meant some kind of responsibility i never fully bought into, mostly revolving around having to wake up before i wanted. but now i have a little human alarm clock. it's been almost a year with her (and i still wish i could sleep longer) but since we've been doing these mommy + me posts, monday has been bringing many smiles to my face. and i will say, for the record, i think these are my favorite photos yet from a. r. elliott photography. it helps that these are also some of my favorite clothing items for both of us, but alyssa captured them so wonderfully. happy monday to you all! (please check her out and if you like her photos, go on over and like her on facebook to keep seeing lovely things.)

mom: tank, bralettemaxi skirt, boots (mine were bought probably 10 years ago, these are similar) | babe: tank, leggings, headband (three pack bought from oshkosh but has been sold out, and for only five dollars.. go figure), shoes | tips: have you ever tried mixing lipsticks? i don't remember this trick enough! it can turn 5 lipsticks into 15 different wearable shades. lipstick to the power of x! (or something like that...) for staple colors i've been really pleased with laura mercier, and a i like that they don't dry my lips out. i'm wearing evening pink + mistress. also, don't expect your child to wear a headband for a full photoshoot... duh.