| portland city guide |

i love calling portland home. and when i know people are coming into town, there are so many fun things to share. it just so happens that i have friends visiting next week (i'm pretty excited!!) and i was thinking of places for them to go. so i made a city guide. my must go to's, if you haven't been to portland before, are andina, expatriate, and salt & straw. i'd also recommend book of mormon if you can get tickets, we're going closing night and i cannot wait!


(my friends have been here before and some of these things are tailored to things i think they'd specifically enjoy). but i mostly wanted to share what i came up with because i'd love to hear your favorite places and see if there is anything i forgot-or haven't tried-which is likely in a city like ours. most of these places are restaurants because 1. my friends coming do enjoy the finer foods in life but 2. isn't that a measure of a good vacation? i know my experience is heightened or lowered based on if i've enjoyed my culinary experience alongside my adventures. isn't that a little bit silly? it reminds me of a joke jim gaffigan does...

here is a longer set he does on this joke if you want some more laughs.