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a. r. elliott photogarphy

a. r. elliott photogarphy

i am thrilled to introduce you to christine and london. christine has recently launched her hair + make up business lux looks. and has happened to have done my hair + makeup in two weddings i've been in. and i will say, has given me some of my favorite up-do's. keep reading to learn a little about christine and london and mommyhood... and for a little surprise... 

what surprised you most about being a mom?

i think what surprised me most about being a mom is that I am still myself.  i think i may have thought that i would just become london's mom, but i am still christine. i am a mom now, but i am still a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a wife.  

what is the hardest part of motherhood?

the hardest part of motherhood for me has been… well if i am being totally honest, the change to my body.  i don't know how often that's talked about, or even if that is an ok thing to say, but i hate how pregnancy changed my body.  it took me two years to lose all of my baby weight.  I know some women are blessed and the weight just comes right off, but that was not the case for me. i didn't like to be away from london at all for the first year, so i wouldn't even go to the gym. now I realize how important it is for not only myself, but for london too, that i am eating healthy and taking care of my body.  i am slowly learning that i don't have to hate what my body is now.  i definitely don't want to pass that on to my daughter either.  it's a process and i am still learning. 

what has been your greatest joy so far?

my greatest joy so far has been watching my baby become her own person. she is so much fun and has so much personality. she is a little like me and a little like her daddy, but she is still all london.  she surprises me every day with new words or phrases, or even faces.  i feel like if she weren't my daughter i would still enjoy and like her so much.  

what is your favorite style tip?

my favorite style tip would have to be to always have a clean and made-up face.  even if you are just in workout clothes you can still look put together and fancy. i don't always have the time to pick out the perfect outfit, but i can always spare five minutes to put on makeup. 

ok, ok... i can't wait to show off these pictures, of christine, and london, AND baby brother!!! congrats to their family, such exciting news! 

as someone who didn't really love being pregnant, and i'm not necessarily looking forward to it when it's time for baby number two, i definitely get a little more excited, wanting to rock a high waisted pencil skirt. christine looks fabulous and as stylish as ever.

mama: v-neck, forever21 pencil skirt (similar here or here), sandals, necklace (diy from a friend, inspired by anthropologie) | babe: boys h&m chambray shirt (similar here), target shorts, bow, shoes 

to see more of christine, go follow her on facebook and instagram. as usual, beautiful mommy + me photos by a. r. elliott photography

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