| san francisco city guide |

last week we celebrated our anniversary. we always try to take a trip to commemorate. we're pretty big celebrators. i even put that in my "about me" descriptions, trying to celebrate anything and everything. so far it's been our tradition that we take turns planning our anniversary, so it is pretty much a surprise to one of us. this year my husband planned a trip to san francisco and it was wonderful. here are some of the things we did over 5 days, ideas courtesy of my friend julia, designsponge and yelp.


we did a ton of walking, but also used the awesome services of uber and lyft. they are transportation network company, where within minutes from their app, you can have a car pick you, similar to a taxi, but generally much cheaper. plus when signing up, you usually get a free ride.

we walked around the fisherman's warf area (which is pretty touristy) down to embarcadero to the ferry building saturday market. which was hands down one of the best markets i've ever been to. a boutique of sorts as far as markets go. though everything we had was wonderful, what stood out was my pistachio cream filled doughnut from lebonta and a blue bottle coffee affogato. we hit this up two times because it was so great. also, a great place to look for some gifts!

a mexican restaurant that was close to our hotel where we ordered a 60 oz margarita.... which was about... i'm afraid to admit this... 10 shots of tequila

we went on a walk (which felt like a hike with those san fran hills) to the coit tower with a beautiful view..

while in the north beach/telegraph hill area, we stopped at café divine for a little italy happy hour, and park tavern for a very nice dinner with some friends.


we didn't stay in the mission area, but made our way there to try some recommendations from all the best sources; plus i think it's the most like portland. two shops i loved were therapy & nooworks. therapy for home and nooworks had the cutest little patterns for mamas and littles clothing. i bought atticus the cutest little dress (because she loves to 'meow' at cats and it's pretty cute). the mission is also home to the famous tartine bakery.

at craftsman & wolves, i followed the designsponge advice to get their famous savory treat: 'the rebel within,' which is a soft-boiled egg encased in an herb, cheese and sausage muffin; along with a poptart.  

i stumbled into dandelion small batch chocolate and discovered a homemade s'more that was featured on the big eat. which is also a great resource if visiting sf. umm and that s'more was amazing.

for lunch we stopped at farina pizza and then we both managed to get some work done at four barrel coffee.

and no trip is complete without.... a rooftop happy hour at el techo de lolinda.

we visited golden gate park, where we did the tourist thing and rented a paddle boat. it was beautiful & pretty fun!

and of course, the one thing my husband really wanted to do, was to visit 21st amendment brewery

one night we just decided to head to good old trader joe's and have a night in to ourselves.


it was an extra special trip this year because my mom generously watched our 13 month old daughter. 'vacation' reaches a whole new meaning once children come into the picture. we slept in until 8, and took a nap almost every day! and that alone would have been wonderful. luckily we also got to enjoy some of the finer things. it was so refreshing!


of course we missed our little babe, but we knew she was in good hands. my new advice to first time parents would be, if you haven't taken a trip away by the time your little one turns a year old, start planning! i knew i had a trip to look forward to, so that was nice, but if i hadn't, i'd definitely have felt the need to get out of town, sans bébé (as wonderful as she is.) i think it was especially wonderful relationally with my husband, to be us again. i would say that we have had a relatively easy transition into parenthood, lots of support around us, lots of family to give us 'breaks,' but it was still so energizing to be able to take some time away from the parent gig. and home really does feel much sweeter after some time away.


photos from my instagram @thetreasurehunter and personal insta @unicorncate, i'd love to have you follow along for more adventures