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has it crossed your mind yet, that it is almost fall? (i've been trying to not allow myself to utter those words...) i want summer to stay. this year more than ever, because having a child in your care when it's warm out, is only about 234987 times easier. but the time has come... september is almost here... and to prevent myself from anticipating the heavy cloud, i let myself do some thinking about fall wear. and the item i keep day dreaming about are some black booties. i'm sitting on a pretty nordstrom gift card, and considering getting myself a pair. here are some of my options.

01. aquatalia by marvin k 'fleur' | 02. h by hudson 'horrigan' | 03. elliot lucca 'rosa' | 04. sam edelman 'james' | 05. free people 'hybrid' | some style inspiration:

image from  ivanarevic

image from ivanarevic

image from  pinterest

image from pinterest

what do you think? what is the fall item you're looking forward too? for more fashion adventures, you can follow my pinterest wardrobe board.

and let's just say, for the record, i couldn't bring myself to call this post 'black booties'

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