| mommy + me monday |

happy monday everybody! i hope you have a wonderful day to kick off your week!

mommy: top, skirt from gap (sold out, it is the shorter version of this one), sandals | babe: top (from the boys section at nordstrom, sold out, but i like this one or this one), shorts, shoes, bow (in store at gap kids) | tips: as a mom to a daughter, i want her to be free to think outside of stereotypes, even when it comes to something simple like style. (though it's actually not so simple, there's a lot to unpack with gender roles, but won't go into that right now) but much of the little girls options are pink and sparkly with floral patterns and butterflies, i am sure you know what i am talking about. i always give the boys section a sweep to see if anything catches my eye and this top she is wearing did. as a mom to a daughter, i also want her to embrace her femininity so i paired it with clearly more feminine articles. (i do the same when shopping for myself).


just in case you haven't seen atti kiss yet, here it is. yes, she pretty much always goes for tongue!

photos captured by a. r. elliott photography