| september mommy + me monday |


i wanted to thank all of you for following along with mommy + me mondays. it truly means a lot to me that your interest has allowed me this piece of style inspiration and memories with my daughter. moving forward, i am doing some restructuring so i can get some other work and posts done but will still be bringing you this series every other week instead of weekly. i am going to continue doing mommy + me monday but once a month (so today is a september style look) and then continue doing my guest post once a month as well. thank you again, and any feedback or requests are welcomed.

mommy: top, gap shorts (from a couple summers ago, these are similar), nail polish | babe: nooworks dress (here is the same pattern and same cut, bought this one in san francisco), shoes | tips: always think of hair and nails as accessories. i usually change up the color in my hair, even if just brightening or darkening a tiny bit, during the fall and spring. fresh hair is sometimes better than new clothes. for nail polish, i am definitely in the habit of using the same color for a couple months until the weather, season or my mood changes. | photos: alyssa from a. r. elliott photography