| tribute: feastly |

you guys! i haven't stopped thinking about this; so of course i had to share it. our favorite mommy + me photographer alyssa, told me about this site: feastly.

it is basically airbnb or uber for food! ***(ps: if you sign up with those links you can get a $25 travel credit to airbnb and/or a free ride from uber)***

the downside: portland isn't a part of it yet!!! i would argue that portland would be a perfect candidate for feastly. i believe we would enjoy the experience AND we have plenty of very talented home cooks, & creative local businesses to provide some provisions.

so i want to start a campaign: #feastlypdx

i don't know what this means yet, so any & all ideas are welcome. i also think if more people sign up from portland, that might give the impression we are ready to be a feastly hosting city. lastly, next time you post a picture of your beautiful meal, go ahead and hashtag feastlypdx. ;) 

take a peek at some of these experiences, for just a little taste...

all images/feastly content from feastly.