| first favorites: gifts for newborns |

hi all! happy monday! in lieu of mommy + me monday, i will still try to post a mama + babe related post on the off weeks. i would love any suggestions of things you would be interested in.

for today i thought i would share my favorite shower gifts! i have a few friends who are pregnant, and as we, personally, throw around the idea (and then take it back, and then put it on the table again) of baby number two, i think about the things i've really loved. disclaimer: i am a firm believer in following the registry and/or getting practical items for baby. we all know babies don't need a whole lot to be happy, just some basics and some loving. the loving is the natural part but what are the basics? we all have different things that work for us. 

i know babies can grow really fast, and sometimes it's worth it to get the generic items that they will blow through (figuratively, and literally). but i have found a few things that i've felt were worth the splurge. especially if you're buying for someone else, it's easier to not feel guilty for prices as the gift giver who is only buying one or a couple things.


01. onesies | once we got out of the newborn sizes, transitioning to 0-3 & 3-6, we started using nicer quality pieces. i really love how durable these ones are from baby gap. they stretch better once baby grows, and after they're washed they go back to their original shape. when i was going through baby's closet to save or purge stuff she had outgrown, these were definitely saves because after many wears and accidents they still look and feel great.

02. shampoo + body wash | it's almost overwhelming to know which products are safe for babies and which aren't. there is a black hole of really ugly information that companies who sell baby items put harmful ingredients into their products. sometimes it's better not to go there, but with things we use often (daily), i want to be mindful of those things, which is why i chose to go the natural route for shampoo/soap. we've tried a couple different products, all that i've been happy with, but the honest co. shampoo seemed to be the most gentle for our sensitive skin babe. aaand costco sells it; which makes it that much more appealing to me ;)

03. bib | some babies spit up all the time (all the time). we had one of those. there were months i can vaguely remember carrying around bibs, burp cloths, changes of clothes galore. while i was pregnant, i had a friend who made us a bib that was similar to this, and it opened up my eyes to bib fashion... who knew?! a little functional style to protect cute outfits.

04. pants | same theory as with the onesies. mini boden is a brand i loved for the first year. and if you sign up to receive their emails, you will get a little coupon code :) these pants were our favorite! and they last for so long, we still have some 6-12 pants that fit - they're just getting too short for the portland fall weather... that may or may not be coming soon...

05. wrap | let me start out by saying that we love our baby carrier; we have the ergo and it has been wonderful. but for the first few weeks and first couple of months, the wrap felt much more comfortable to me (and baby). it's lighter weight, for those of you with summer babies, and offered more support for our little one.

06. bamboo cotton swaddles | not to be confused with the regular aden & anais swaddles. these were given to me as a gift, after i already had a few swaddling blankets and considered returning them. until... i touched them... so soft! and it turned out, once i started using them, they were a little bigger, and stretched easier for swaddling longer. these were definitely one of my favorites! plus they make lots of cute, classy patterns.


what are your favorite items to give? or receive? i'd love to know.