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can you believe this weather we're having? i know "summer" is usually extended through september here in portland, but 90 degree weekends?! i love it. this last weekend i was celebrating my birthday and we decided on a pool party to take advantage of the heat. the nice thing about summer in september is that the evenings still cool down nicely, it's like the best of both worlds, the perfect summer-fall fusion. 


we host a fair amount, and have learned it doesn't need to be overly complicated. my go to list for hosting a party: flowers, small decoration, signature drink, dessert, and recipes that are easy to make large amounts of. (this time we had people byo-meat for the grill, so we didn't have to worry about who was coming/eating when. and my husband made a lovely watermelon salad: with tomatoes, cotija, serrano peppers & mint/lime/honey dressing inspired by tabor tavern, and a phenomenal potato salad.)


our signature drink was sangria, after being inspired by a recipe i found on pinterest, of course.


perfect [classic] sangria


  1. 4 bottles of spanish red wine (we used a garnacha box wine from new seasons because we doubled the recipe)
  2. 2 cups brandy
  3. 2 cups orange juice (we used simply)
  4. 4 cups sparkling lemonade (we used lorina)
  5. lime, lemon, orange, and apple slices


  1. mix all ingredients (except the sparkling lemonade) together and chill in a tightly sealed container or pitcher for at least 10 hours before serving.
  2. add sparkling lemonade right before serving.
  3. pour over ice and enjoy.

modified from waiting on martha's recipe; we opted out of the simple syrup, because we don't drink overly sweet beverages and found it sweet enough on it's own, especially with the sparkling lemonade.


pictures from my instagram if you would like to follow along with my adventures

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