| what to watch: documentaries |

we hardly go to the movie theater anymore (my adamant exceptions are when the new leonardo dicaprio, kristen wiig, wes anderson films come out and i'm completely giddy). but i am also super indecisive when it comes to what to watch at home. now that we have pretty much any movie at our finger tips these days (hbo, amazon, apple tv) it can be a struggle to mutually decide on something. lately, documentaries have been capturing me. i love the idea of following a true story. so i thought i would share with you a few of my favorites. all of which are completely fascinating.


stories we tell

following her own family, sarah polley asks the question, what is the truth? in a playful, yet moving journey, you get to see her family (and family friends) share their 'side of the story' as they vulnerably unearth some family drama. 

112 weddings

a film maker, doug block, who supported his career by filming weddings decides to follow up with couples to see how their marriage turned out. with a pretty funny and very insightful depiction he explores relationships after their big day.

the up series

a professor of mine was the first to introduce me to this series, and i was immediately intrigued. director michael apted goes to visit a group of british-born adults, that he films and interviews every seven years, beginning from when they were children. i love that the story continues, that you aren't anticipating a conclusion or happily ever after because you will get to follow along for many years after. 


what are your favorite documentaries? i'd love to know what you're watching :)