my funny valentine

It's February! And besides it not being summer yet, February reminds us all that Valentine's Day is coming up, and how being in relationship is supreme over singleness [gag.] Obviously, it's hard for me to take Valentine's Day too seriously. You know the Hallmark of it all.. But at the same time, I am not one to turn my nose up to any kind of celebration, so here is my selection of not-exactly-romantic cards that maybe seem to share a truer sentiment of our day to day relationship. (And for all of the romantics out there, keep being you.)

From top left: 1. Emily Mcdowell 2. Southern Pest Prints 3. Gotamago 4. Southern Pest Prints 5. Spring Tide Press 6. Tara Hannon 7. Emily McDowell 8. Danielle Robbins Below: 9. Danielle Robbins 10. Turtle's Soup

And for those of you preferring to celebrate Galentine's Day