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Happy February! Even though it's almost over... 

There's a reason I waited until the end of this month to post this, and you'll have to scroll down to see ;) 

You may have noticed I've been asking all my wonderful guest mommy + me's these interview questions, but never answered them myself. So I thought I would give you a little insight into my mommy world. You can find the interview questions below.

what surprised you most about being a mom?

Once my daughter was born, I feel like every notion I had of love went out the window and something new entered my heart. This probably highlights how selfish I was pre-motherhood, but I don't think I ever loved purely before her. I would say my relationship with my husband was the most intimate I had up until I gave birth, (maybe now they can be tied for first...) but even then I still had (have) certain ideals and expectations of what it means to love him and be loved by him. Then along came this little human who I wanted nothing from, she could do nothing to win my affection more than she already had. I just wanted to know who she was, and learning that was enough. I think becoming a mom, and starting to grasp that kind of love changed who I am in relationships and my understanding of loving people for the better.

what is the hardest part of motherhood?

Being a mom is like looking in one giant mirror. It's beautiful, but it's also like one of those magnifying mirrors where you see everything close up, and it's not always a pretty sight. I've changed a lot. I quickly evaluated lots of things in regards to what it means to be a woman, what is strength, what is power, what is sexuality, what is vulnerability, what is authenticity, these topics that could hold my attention before all of a sudden became the weight of the world. As a woman raising a daughter, I know so many things depend on how well I know myself and how I understand my own identity. In the beginning a lot of paradigms shifted quickly, but once we got into routines and habits, it's harder to make time for (aka even remember) my own self care. I need to remember to prioritize the things that make me feel alive, the things that give me my own space, and pursue the things that challenge me because I can only offer her the best of me when I am the best of me. So I will continually fight for that.

what has been your greatest joy so far?

Just knowing her. She's very clever. She's a quick learner, but it surprises me most in the form of wit. I love watching her grow up because I like learning more about who she is. A lot of people say "they grow up so fast, too fast.. can they stop growing?" I've only had fleeting thoughts like those, very far and few between (so far). Mostly I'm excited for tomorrow, and to see who she is becoming. 

what is your favorite style tip?

As a mom my style tip is to do what you did before you had children... Do the things that make you feel beautiful, alive, free and sexy. Jammy days are ok and they do happen in our house, but when I get dressed now, I mostly get dressed like I would be going out to dinner. Those are the outfits that make me brighten up. It's not harder to put on jeans than yoga pants. Purge your closet, keep and buy only things that you absolutely love and make you feel great, it makes the world of difference. (& It's not just outfits, but go out of town, go dancing, have girls nights, ask your partner to a spontaneous date. Being you, doing the things that are inherently you, is the most attractive thing you can offer.)

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In case you're not sure what that little tangelo is, that is the size of the newest member of our family.

Joining us in September :)

And in case you're in a similar boat, I just have to share this combo with you! I can't tell you how different this pregnancy is because of these precious little oils. Morning sickness? What's that?

My 3 favorite oils for nausea are: 

DigestZen (1-2 drops internally),

Ginger (1-2 drops behind ear),

Peppermint (1-2 drops below my ribs or over my belly button).

If you find any relief with peppermint tea, or if you haven't, then you must try this.. 1 drop of dōTERRA's peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea.. So these gals are pretty potent! If you are curious to know more, I have a section about this on my website. And will be teaching a free online class March 2nd-5th if you'd like to join us. We'd love to have you. Click here to join us!

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