mommy + me march

Happy March Everyone! I can't believe the weather we've been having here in the Northwest. It's been in like a lamb and hopefully out like a lamb too ;) For this beautiful month of March, I am so excited to introduce to you Jessie and Elliot. Jessie is a creative and talented mama, & maker of adorable baby items. And Elliot just might be made for baby modeling.. What a dapper fellow :) Without further ado, this lovely duo, and of course some items from the inspired shop, Tinee Britches.

what surprised you most about being a mom?

Honestly I knew my I would love my baby with all my heart but after becoming a mother I truly understood love, I knew that I was absolutely head over heels in love with my new family. The bond between my husband and I grew as we got to know our little creation. 

what is the hardest part of motherhood?

I'd say it's learning to let go and be present in your child's life. The house will be messy some days, you will cancel appointments, you'll be a bit cranky! It's going to happen and that's totally ok. We put so much stress on mamas to keep up with life and sometimes we just have to pour ourselves a glass of wine and say, I'll do it tomorrow. 

what has been your greatest joy so far?

Having the opportunity to become self employed and really be present for my son. I love watching him learn new things everyday, I'm constantly in awe of his ability to surprise me daily. 

what is your favorite style tip?

I'm a mama, and I have some areas that I'm a bit conscious of however I believe it's important to also find those parts about yourself that you love and dress yourself around those areas. You will feel good in your outfit and your confidence will be will be noticed. 

mommy: dress, cardigan | babe: coveralls (made by Jessie), moccasins | photos: a. r. elliott photography

Tinee Britches really began as just a way to comfortable dress my son in unique styles without breaking the bank. I love the patterns and designs of International designers, you just can't really find anything like that in my area. 

Making clothing for my son led to designing for friends and soon the bug was planted and I opened up shop officially! 2014 was my test year and I'm so excited about 2015, I have great plans and wonderful opportunities showing up. I'll be hosting a vendor table at the Birth Without Fear conference and might even be popping up in some shops around Portland. Here's to growth! 


Interested in being a guest mommy + me? I would love to hear from you, please contact me for more information :)