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Happy August! I am so excited to share these photos of my friends Erica and Theo. Their family truly is the sweetest and when you are with them, you will be in the most genuine of company. In addition to being a part of a beautiful duo, Erica has the best healthy recipes (like they don't taste healthy ;) but made from amazing ingredients), she teaches a step class, and is a woman after my own heart using essential oils promoting the natural and non-toxic lifestyle. I am honored to share some pretty photos by A. R. Elliott Photography, and lovely words from Erica herself.

what surprised you most about being a mom?

Everything. The indescribable, unconditional love I have for this tiny human whom I carried for nine (okay, more like ten) months. How all consuming this love is, and how easy it is to dive into discovering the best possible ways to provide for, guide, and protect my son. How much I genuinely want to get to know him, simply for the sake of knowing him. 

I thought I had a vague idea of what it meant to be a parent, but meeting Theo, all of that flew out the window. People weren’t kidding when they told me they couldn’t describe the array and depth of emotions that come with being a parent. I feel like I’m learning what it means to be human all over again. I’m doing my best to see the world through his sensitive, fresh eyes, being conscious and intentional about what he learns and how he interprets his immediate environment.   

what is the hardest part of motherhood?

Everything. As mentioned, I was totally consumed and overwhelmed with what it meant to be a parent. I am still learning to find the balance of creating what I think is the safest and healthiest environment for him, and letting go of the concept of being the perfect parent. I can’t do it all and still be me. I am going to make mistakes, and I will undoubtedly have mothering qualities that will likely necessitate counseling in Theo’s future. And that’s okay. My hope is that we will both learn and grow from my parenting mishaps. I can’t let the identity of “mom” be my primary identity. I am still Erica, a wife, sister, friend, daughter, and human being. And while Erica, Theo’s mom, is a good, honored and life-giving role for me, I still need to nurture and invest in the other parts of my life that make me, well, me. Balance. There’s a reason it’s my favorite essential oil blend… 

 what has been your greatest joy so far?

Creating a family with my husband, Zac, and being in this consuming, overwhelming, and exhaustingly joyful parenting thing together has been indescribably exhilarating. Knowing that Theo is part me, part Zac, and yet his own person entirely is a mind-boggling wonder. The fact that we have the responsibility and honor of being Theo’s parents is terrifying and gleeful all at once. Watching Zac be a father to this little boy has deepened my love for them both in ways I didn’t think possible (I am answering each question in every question, apparently). Knowing Theo is going to grow up with a good man as his father; a good man that wants to be the best possible father, makes me want to fist pump in joy every morning, afternoon and evening. And most days, I do. 

what is your favorite style tip?


Find items that truly bring you joy, take care of them, and wear them with pride and confidence. 

Ask for help. I wouldn’t consider myself exceptionally stylish, so I love to pick my friends’ brains and closets from time to time. 

Take care of your entire being – body, heart and mind – and I truly believe you will look fabulous in anything.

Before I was a mom, I tried to be healthy for the sake of myself and for my husband. Once I became a mom, I wanted to take that to the next level. I was determined to find tools and create habits for Zac, Theo and I that would promote true, holistic health for us as a family. I wanted items in our home and bodies that were health promoting, safe, natural, non-toxic, promote a healthy inflammatory response, and that actually worked. I found my brilliant, multi-faceted response to my longings in essential oils. 

I am learning more each day about how wonderful these oils are, and I truly love sharing my discoveries with others.

If you would like to connect with Erica to hear about her journey with essential oils, their healing stories, amazing benefits, and how she and her family uses them, you can contact her here for more information. Be sure to include "Erica + Essential oils" in the message. 
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