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what are essential oils?

What Are Essential Oils?

They are aromatic compounds from plants (flowers, roots, bark, leaves, rind, etc.) Though they're easy to use, they're chemically complex, which is why you can use a single oil for so many different purposes.

Why Are People Turning To Natural Solutions?

No more synthetics. Non-toxic living. Bye bye yucky side-effects. Hello relief, hello support, hello comfort, hello convenience. Essential oils have been around for thousands of years, I like to think of it as we're going back to the essentials. Light bulb moment for me: It only makes sense that nature has what we need to help our bodies heal themselves and come back into balance.

Which Oils Should I Use?

Like home grown tomatoes, Italian leather, or a good bottle of wine, not all oils are created equally. You can find oils anywhere now... Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy (not just your local health foods store anymore.) When I talk about the healing properties of essential oils, I'm referring to the most tested, most pure, most potent oils out there. If you're like me, and want to eliminate toxins and synthetics from your lifestyle, want to use oils on or around your loved ones, I can only recommend with confidence using doterra essential oils.

My Personal Philosophy:

I believe essential oils are a tool to connect you to your whole self. Essential oils can support your health and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. These pure and powerful gifts of the earth are a catalyst to you feeling your best, and thriving. 

But How Do I Use Them?

Want a quick tutorial? Click here!


kindred | a wellness community

Every day I am so grateful for the individuals that make this a community. From the people who use oils, those that commit to removing toxins and changing their lifestyle, to the team of leaders who call this their job, show up to educate and serve and help make all of this possible.

So much gratitude for all of you already a part of our tribe, and for those of you that want to join us with your journey.

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