because each occasion has different necessities and timelines, contact me for pricing and/or private packages.

| wellness advocate |

essential oils are an important part of our household and health + wellness. i teach classes for learning about essential oils and their benefits for supporting the body in healing. you can read about what essential oils are, as well as why i chose doterra. you can purchase here. i would also be more than happy to answer any specific questions, or point you in the direction of awesome resources.

| styling your event |

birthdays, showers, weddings, fundraisers, you name it, if it can be celebrated it can be done. party preparations can be quite the commitment. from knowing what to do, or where to go, or what you need. & even if you don't have much time, or creativity to give you can still put on an enchanting celebration.

| styling your wardrobe |

yes, work on yourself, your heart and soul. but impressions are important too. your appearance is your first opportunity to share yourself with someone else. right now, as you are, you're communicating something to the world around you. if you are unsatisfied with what that currently is, you may just need a little help. wardrobe styling can be as brief as preparing an interview outfit, to a big overhaul of updating your closet, with many options in between. 

| treasure hunting |

what are you pining for? or overwhelmed searching for? the perfect gift? your whole christmas gift check list? the perfect throw pillow? the perfect pair of boots? the perfect cocktail? whether for festivities or an ordinary tuesday, the perfect products can be found for you, efficiently & hassle free, all the while you are going about your day.

| graphic design |

i usually don't advertise myself as this, and don't call myself a graphic designer, but recently have had a lot of fun working on invites, business cards and branding if you're interested (depending on your needs.)